Craig Van Batenburg, Author at UnderhoodService
Connecting With Hybrids: Hybrid 12-Volt Battery Systems

Why do hybrids even have a 12-volt battery when the car is already equipped with a high-voltage battery? I get asked this question often in the classroom or when I am under the hood with a tech. Those of you with hybrid experience know the answer, but many techs have stayed away from hybrids and

Lithium: An Element That Is Charging Ahead

What is an EMV? As you read the hybrid and plug-in articles that my company, ACDC, is writing this year, we have coined a new term: EMV (electric motor vehicle). Rather than use hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric or electric car with a range extender, we will refer to all these as an EMV. When

What To Do With Used Hybrid Batteries

The nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery is the best and most common hybrid battery so far, and the sheer volume of them is staggering. NiHM batteries have been in use for well over 15 years, and out of the more than 7 million hybrid cars on the road worldwide, 90% have NiMH battery packs. Then,

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