Bob Cooper, Author at UnderhoodService
The Key To Converting Callers Into Customers

Since the caller can’t see your service advisors, they will be far more influenced by your advisors’ tonality than by the words they use.

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Should Choose Your Shop

With first-time callers just a mouse click away from contacting another shop, you will need to ensure that your advisors are at the top of their game when it comes to selling themselves, and your company, to the caller.

A Tip For Empowering Your Shop’s Service Advisors

There are times when advisors need to provide customers with legitimate discounts, a rental car, etc., so what the top shop owners do is set a monthly budget of X dollars for each advisor, then tell the advisors that the money is there to be used in any way they would like to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why You Shouldn’t Expect Your Customers To Be Loyal

Shop owners should never just assume that their customers are loyal, and should instead have the mindset that they need to earn the customer’s trust and business with each and every visit.