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ASE Launches Online Practice Tests

The practice tests are half the length of the regular ASE tests and will provide useful feedback to the user in the form of a performance report and explanations for correct and incorrect answers.


The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has launched The Official ASE Practice Tests in response to requests from the industry. The new products provide technicians and other automotive professionals with the opportunity to take no-stakes online practice tests, with questions of the same content and format as those used on the ASE certification exams. The Official ASE Practice Tests will help prepare candidates for the regular ASE certification tests through an independent, pre-certification assessment of their competency, giving them an opportunity to improve their skills in areas of weakness prior to taking the ASE certification test.


“The secondary goals of the Official ASE Practice Tests are to ease candidate anxiety for those with a fear of failing the ASE certification tests, and to establish a comfort level with an electronic format similar to our Computer-Based Testing (CBT),” said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. “The initial practice tests offered will be A1 through A8 and P2.  Plans are in the works for practice tests across collision, truck and the Advanced Level areas.”

The Practice Tests were developed with subject matter experts using standard ASE test development practices. All practice tests are assembled using the current ASE test specifications and test assembly format, with ongoing question maintenance in order to keep the tests relevant and aligned with current specifications.


Individuals can purchase the Official ASE Practice Tests online through the ASE website at The cost for a test varies based on the number ordered.

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1-2 Tests – $14.95 ea.
3-24 Tests – $12.95 ea.
25 or more Tests – $11.95 ea.
Note: Contact ASE for special pricing on quantities of 500 or more.

The Official ASE Practice Tests are computer-based and mimic the actual ASE CBT certification tests as closely as possible. Once completed, the user can view and print a performance report. The report shows the questions organized by content areas, with a brief description of the question, and indicates if the question was answered correctly. Users have the ability to go back to any of the questions from this page and see the entire question, plus the explanation of why one particular answer is correct and the other answers are incorrect.


Incorporated on June 12, 1972, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was established as a non-profit organization to help improve the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive technicians and parts specialists. Today, there are nearly 400,000 ASE-certified professionals who work in dealerships, independent shops, service stations, collision repair shops, auto parts stores, fleets, machine shops, schools and colleges throughout the country.

For more information about ASE, visit the website at

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