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ASE C1 Test Highlights – Talking To Customers Part 1 (VIDEO)

Everyone talks, but do you really communicate? This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Welcome to part 1 of the ASE C-1 Service Advisor Test Highlights Video. During this series we will be exploring the subjects covered during the ASE testing process for C-1. Today we will be looking at communication skills involving phone conversations, In-person communications and electronic or contactless information exchanges.

The first thing to remember when communicating with your customer is that you have many customers, they have one Service Advisor. When you are communicating with your customers be sure you are focused on that customer for the encounter. To that end, do not multitask. Have their information ready to discuss with them and available for reference. If you need to take an extra moment to refamiliarize yourself with their particulars, take it.

When conducting a telephone exchange, always announce yourself by name and your place of business. Whenever possible address them by name. Also be sure your environment is conducive to a call. An air rachet in the background is not an effective place for your customer to hear what you are saying. Next, have their info close at hand. Speak clearly and into the phone. Do not have side conversations with others when conversing with your customer. This is their time. If you must get other information, use hold. Be sure to tell the customer you are leaving them, why and for how long.

When meeting a customer in person address them by name. Introduce yourself by name also. If your place of business uses titles like Mr. or Mrs. etc. be sure to follow those. If you have a business card, use it here. This gives them a solid understanding of how to contact you. Eye contact and positive facial expressions go a long way towards bridging the communication gap. Again, having their information and vehicle knowledge is essential. Be sure to ask if they have questions and take the time to answer these. Loud environments with interruptions are never good places for a face-to-face encounter. Do what you can to control the environment you use to meet with your customers.

Electronic or contactless communications are the trickiest of all. First and foremost, identify yourself and your business. These communication options show no emotion and can be very black and white. Some find these methods sterile and impersonal. Before using them confirm that the customer prefers these methods. Watch out for auto correct. This can be a very embarrassing situation once you push send. Read, read and reread before you hit send. Again, I caution you about this method of communications. It can be very efficient and time saving for customers who are desirable of this method. Once again, it boils down to you knowing your customer and meeting their desired expectations.

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