Amsted Automotive Displays New Ways to Extend EV Range

Amsted Automotive Displays New Ways to Extend EV Range 

Amsted will display a cache of multi-functional clutch technologies with benefits in ICE, EV and HEV platforms at the 24th annual VDI Dritev Congress.

Amsted will display a cache of multi-functional clutch technologies with benefits in ICE, EV and HEV platforms at the 24th annual VDI Dritev Congress, the company said.

VDI Dritev focuses on automotive powertrain topics and innovation. This year’s event takes place June 12-14, 2024, in Baden-Baden, Germany, bringing together more than 600 experts in the automotive industry. The Amsted display will be in booth #58.

John Jennings, Amsted director of innovation and eMobility, will present the latest Amsted multi-functional clutch system, enabling next-generation multi-speed EV powertrains. These systems use Amsted Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC) technology One-Way-Clutch (OWC) already used in a production EV all-wheel-drive vehicle since 2021. The technology can be used in both parallel-axis and co-axial powertrain systems. One variation eliminates friction clutches for reduced drag, improved efficiency and improved sustainability metrics, the company said.

The company also will display its eAxle disconnect system. This technology enables seamless and quick engagement and disengagement of a drive axle in all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive EVs. It also features a Bi-stable magnetic latch, eliminating power consumption while in state. Overall, the improved efficiencies with the Amsted eAxle disconnect system provide for up to 10-percent extended driving range, the company said.

Additional Amsted technologies on display include an innovative wheel-end disconnect system designed for commercial vehicle applications and torque management systems using unique Amsted Controllable Mechanical Diodes (CMD) and Mechanical Diodes (MD) in production automatic transmissions.

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