Chevrolet Equinox 2005-2011 Alignment and Suspension Specs

Alignment and Suspension Specs: 2005-2011 Chevrolet Equinox

The alignment process of the Equinox is mechanically straightforward. The front suspension is a MacPherson strut design with hydraulic bushings in the lower control arms. The rear suspension is a four-link layout.

3. Install the scan tool into the OBD II connector.
4. Turn the ignition switch ON, with the engine OFF.
5. Select Chassis/EBCM control system Vehicle Stability Enhancement System (VSES), special function test, and Steering Position Sensor Calibration.
6. Follow the scan tool directions to complete the automated centering procedure. This should include turning the steering wheel left 5º and right 5º and then straight forward.
7. Clear any DTCs that may be set. Perform the Diagnostic System Check to verify no current DTCs.
8. Test drive the vehicle.
The strut front suspension is bolted to the knuckle by two bolts that make it possible to use the EZCam XR for alignment. This part is designed to adjust camber by up to plus or minus 1.5° without any modification to the strut or knuckle. It is used on many strut suspensions systems of similar design and is a commonly used part.  Ease of installation and adjustment make the EZCam a good alignment option. The Specialty Products part number 81260  is used on this front suspension.
The rear suspension consists of an independent multi-link that has a special cam nut used for rear toe and/or camber adjustment. Sometimes there is no cam nut installed on one of the two parallel arms. The frame brackets on both of these control arms are slotted and have shoulders stamped in the frame to accept  this special cam nut. Adjusting either of these arms without using the special cam nut is very difficult.
As soon as you loosen the bolt, the arm will slam one direction or the other because of the vehicle weight. The vehicle can be lifted by the frame to make adjustment easier, but now the bushing is not in the loaded position when the bolt is tightened. This, as everyone knows, is a big no-no. Installing another cam nut, such as the Specialty Products part number 87420, will make adjusting the rear camber and/or toe on these vehicles much easier. Just remove the existing nut and install the cam nut so it is located between the frame bracket shoulders. Adjustment range for these vehicles is approximately 2 degrees. Dial in the necessary adjustments and tighten the head of the bolt making sure the bolt is not cocked or binding in the frame bracket.
Douglas Hardy
Technical Trainer/Designer II
Specialty Products Company

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