AIRTEX Launches New Online Resource: – UnderhoodService

AIRTEX Launches New Online Resource:

AIRTEX Fuel Delivery Systems has launched a new website designed to provide the latest advances in diagnostic and procedural information and technical support for fuel pump replacement.

AIRTEX Fuel Delivery Systems has launched a new website at, designed to provide the latest advances in diagnostic and procedural information and technical support for fuel pump replacement.

The new online resource will offer real-time educational assistance as well as continuous customer service with current and in-depth information and fuel pump replacement support, according to Airtex. Technicians can visit the website for the latest how-to videos on diagnostics, application-specific installations and fuel system issues, as well as technical service bulletins and much more.

According to Airtex, the site was created to fill a void in comprehensive information about today’s complex fuel systems, which can lead to misdiagnosis and overall difficulty during repair work. Fuel Pump U was created to keep up with the evolving technology and alleviate these pain points, the company says.

“Our constant research and development as a fuel pump manufacturer provides us with up-to-date knowledge on today’s changing vehicles,” said John Boyer, AIRTEX VP sales and marketing. “We felt it was important to share that knowledge and provide a place where technicians, counter people and DIYers can go to get the answers they need when they need it. Long, tedious searches for help are not an option when a vehicle won’t start.”

Fuel Pump U was created and is managed by the professionals at AIRTEX, who have 75 years of automotive aftermarket and automotive OEM experience.

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