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Actron Video Inspection Scope Provides Remote Views Of Hard-To-Reach Areas


Actron Inspection ScopeActron has added a Video Inspection Scope, P/N CP7669, to its catalog of DIY service tools, allowing remote viewing of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle via a 3-ft. flexible, waterproof tube and 2.4-in. LCD screen. The camera, which includes a high-intensity white LED light for dim locations, also includes magnet and hook attachments to retrieve dropped nuts and bolts or to move wires and cables for tough electrical jobs. The mirror attachment allows inspection of all angles within a cylinder as well as viewing fluid lines for leaks and to examine corrosion and wear on a vehicle.


“When vehicle owners can easily see what’s happening they can complete their diagnosis faster and get their vehicle back on the road,” said Jennifer Grabowski, Actron product manager. “A quick inspection is made easier and more thorough by offering access to braking and steering components and more, where visibility is normally limited.”

The new video inspection scope’s LCD screen allows for eight levels contrast for clear viewing of vehicle parts. Six levels of LED brightness provide optimum light control during inspection.

“Allowing the change in brightness and contrast will help users to identify issues quickly, and to make the right repair decision,” added Grabowski.

Accompanying Actron’s full line of DIY products, the scope can be used to diagnose misfire, acceleration and rough idle issues with Actron’s CP7827 and CP7828A compression testers when inspecting the inside of a cylinder and top of the piston inside the cylinder.


The Actron Video Inspection Scope and other Actron products can be found at most major automotive aftermarket retailers in North America.

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