ACDelco Battery Part Numbers

ACDelco Releases Seven New Battery Part Numbers

ACDelco is expanding its battery portfolio with seven new part numbers, including four automotive batteries, a Group 31 part for customers seeking high cold cranking amp solutions; and two marine batteries.

95RPS is an ACDelco Professional battery for Audi, Volkswagen and BMW vehicles. It includes an acid level indicator that measures the electrolyte level in the battery.

31-1000 is a Group 31 ACDelco Professional battery developed for government and other customers requiring a 1000 cold cranking amp battery. 47AGM is an ACDelco Professional absorbed glass mat battery for difficult deep or high-cycling applications such as the Malibu Taxi and others requiring a Group 47 battery.

92PS is an ACDelco Professional battery for late-model BMWs.

M24AGM is a Voyager absorbed glass mat battery for boaters who require or prefer a non-spillable battery. Its ability to deep cycle makes it suitable for marine use.

M24DCX is an affordable, flooded deep cycle Voyager battery with extreme deep cycling capability. Its ability to provide three or more times the cycling ability of current Group 24 batteries makes it a value for marine customers, ACDelco adds.

94RA is an Advantage battery for applications that require Group 94R.

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