ABS Speed Sensors (VIDEO)

ABS Speed Sensors (VIDEO)

How does the vehicle know when to release the brakes? You guessed it. Active ABS speed sensors. Sponsored by Standard.


Standard is proud to offer a complete line of more than 2,600 ABS speed sensors, gas, diesel, electric, or EV, import or domestic. Standard has you covered.

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a number of new technologies in the automotive industry. One of these is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also known as ADAS. There are a number of systems which fall under the ADAS umbrella, so to speak. Including blindspot detection, lane keep assist, parallel parking assist, trailer backup assist, adaptive cruise control, and much, much more.

With all of this technology inside modern vehicles, it’s easy to see why some components needed to up their game a bit. ABS speed sensors in particular simply lacked the precision needed to help these ADAS features to function. AC Signal generating passive sensors aren’t capable of producing enough signal at very low speeds, nor can they indicate which direction the wheel is spinning.

Consider this, how fast do you think you’re going while you’re trying to parallel park? One mile per hour, maybe less? Well, a passive wheel speed sensor can’t generate a signal until the wheels are rolling along at three to five miles per hour, so it’s easy to see why a different solution was needed.

Active wheel speed sensors function more like a wheel position sensor rather than a simple speed sensor. They can generate a signal from extremely low speeds, which makes them the perfect counterpart for ADAS features. Here’s another example. If you’re driving a vehicle with hill hold assist, the vehicle will keep applying the brakes while you transfer your foot from the brake pedal over to the gas pedal.

Now, how does the vehicle know when to release the brakes? You guessed it. Active ABS speed sensors. The moment the wheels start to rotate, as you pull away, the brakes will retract. It’s so seamless that you’ll hardly even notice anything happened. This also helps to illustrate the importance of choosing the right sensor for the application. Sometimes this means choosing the right brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the two ABS speed sensors here in front of me. These sensors both fit the same vehicle and they look very similar on the outside, but that’s where the similarities end. As you can see, the internals are clearly different and only one of them appears to be a precision product. This one features multiple advanced micro sensors. This one is nothing more than a rudimentary pickup. One is proven to detect reverse rotation while the other one doesn’t.

So the next time you’re looking for replacement ABS speed sensor, do you really know what’s inside the box? Does it have the right advanced technology? And more importantly, will it function as well as the original in all situations? Or will your customer come back with a similar issue or even worse, a new issue soon after the repair because of an inferior replacement part? I’m Brian Sexton. Thanks for watching.

Standard is proud to offer a complete line of more than 2,600 ABS speed sensors, gas, diesel, electric, or EV, import or domestic. Standard has you covered.

This video is sponsored by Standard.

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