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2011 MOOG Commercial Vehicle Chassis Catalog Highlights New Coverage of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Applications

The 2011 MOOG Commercial Vehicle Master Chassis Catalog, featuring hundreds of new premium-quality replacement components for millions of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, is now available from Federal-Mogul Corporation.

As the commercial-vehicle industry’s recognized “Problem Solver,” Federal-Mogul’s MOOG brand delivers innovative steering solutions for the world’s hardest working vehicles.

The new, 372-page catalog (#F3810) features the latest MOOG coverage for applications from more than 30 global commercial truck, bus and axle manufacturers. The MOOG product line for heavy-duty applications includes alignment wedges, drag links, king pin sets, steering stabilizers, tandem alignment shims, and tie rod ends. 

To ensure fast, accurate product identification, the catalog contains size charts, a buyer’s guide and an interchange, as well as a numerical listing section featuring hundreds of digital product images.

“Our 2011 catalog is a comprehensive guide to the best replacement chassis components for the most popular commercial vehicles on North American roads,” said Brent Berman, manager, e-data and catalog, Federal-Mogul. “It’s our goal to deliver not only the best performing and longest lasting steering components, but also the most complete and user-friendly product catalog for the commercial vehicle market.”

Customers with access to the Internet can also browse the digital version of the paper catalog, which features “flippable” pages. To access the digital catalog, simply visit www.FMe-cat.com, then follow the “Commercial, Ag and Industrial” and “Digital Catalogs” links.

For additional information regarding MOOG chassis parts, please visit the brand’s technician-focused www.moogproblemsolver.com website or contact your MOOG supplier.

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