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Vacula's VoltCheck Diagnostic Electrical Tester Works without Piercing the Wire Insulation

October 22, 2007

Applicable on 12-24 VDC circuits, the VoltCheck is a four-in-one diagnostic tester; you can use it as an open circuit tester, ohmmeter, voltmeter and continuity tester. It works without piercing the wire insulation and even through carpets, upholstery and plastic panels.

When checking for open circuits, the VoltCheck has two operations modes; one for powered circuits and one for non-powered. It is also a volt/ohm meter and continuity tester. VoltCheck consists of two units; transmitter and receiver.

In the powered circuit mode, the transmitter can be hooked up to the vehicle battery or powered fuse block. In this mode, the transmitter sends a mild signal through the circuit(s) that does not interrupt other electronic equipment. The receiver will flash red when held against a wire with complete circuit and stop where the circuit’s open. When run on non-powered circuits the signal is generated through the internal power supply of the transmitter.

With VoltCheck there is no need to disconnect a live circuit to check for open circuits. Other built-in transmitter features are an internal warning/protections system, low battery indicator and battery saver shutoff.

The complete set includes the VoltCheck unit, battery connection leads, test leads, 2 x AA batteries (for the transmitter) and 2 x AAA batteries (for the receiver). The set is delivered in a plastic carrying case for easy storage.

For additional information, visit www.vacula.com.

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