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Top 5 Tools: Marcia Mitchell, South Seattle Community College

October 31, 2012


Marcia Mitchell

Marcia Mitchell, Instruction Technician
South Seattle Community College
Seattle, WA

Marcia Mitchell of South Seattle Community College says her Top 5 automotive tools are:

OTC 5900A Torx Set — This tool gets checked out 10 times a day by students. It makes my job easy because it comes in a case, has every size and is lightweight.

Snap-on GA3634 Dial Indicator — The case is sturdy and holds up to student use in the shop. The vise grip holds a tight grip on any kind of surface. This tool is trouble free, handling is straight forward and it is effortless to keep clean.

Astro-Pneumatic 7863 Axlenut Socket Set — We have had this set for 10 years and it stands up day after day to student use in automotive and diesel shops, is lightweight, and a breeze to take care of.

Proto J52220 3/8” Drive TORQUEPLUS Six-Point Metric Socket Set (Deep and Standard Sockets) — This tool set makes my working life easier. It gets used by the introduction class and can take a beating and is ready to go the next day. This set gets used daily. We have had it for seven years, and it comes in a durable metal case. I personally use it for assembly of equipment. Everything is at your fingertips and there is no lost time from running back and forth for the right tools to do the job at hand.

Ampro T75871 Oil Filter Cup Type Wrench Set — Love it for check out because it covers most sizes; students don’t have to run back and forth to the tool room for the right size. It is four years old and gets used every day. Students tell me that this tool is very strong and breaks loose over-tightened oil filters. 



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